About Me

Aviance has been actively working in customer service and as a virtual assistant for over nine years. She is dedicated to helping people and has taken all the tools she has learned from business to technology, customer service, and technical support. She recognized how much she enjoyed assisting people after getting her second job as a specialist at Apple, and has not stopped enjoying it since.

Aviance is also a singer-songwriter and co-founder of Q&A Records, best known for her passion for music and people. Aviance is ambitious, driven and dedicated to creating great music that reaches the heart and soul of the masses. Raised in the North Bronx, in a quaint neighborhood where everybody knew everybody, she’s developed a strong sense of social adaptation and love for camaraderie. She loves people and knows how to create a presence that eases all those who meet her. Her music carries that same light. Her lyrics say, I feel you and understand your experiences.

Her musical influences run the gamut. Growing up she heard music from all walks of life. From classical music played by her mother on the piano to jazz, funk, rock, pop, blues, R&B and Hip-Hop to rap, light metal, country, various African, East Indian, Asian, South American and all manner of music in between. She would join her school’s choir from as early as elementary school and from there her mother encouraged her to build on her writing skills and try her hand at songwriting. An understanding of the complexities of lyrics and how poetry plays into music has led her to write songs that transform her soul and influence those who listen to her transforming lyrics. By the time she was attending high school, Aviance was spending most of her time writing songs, and occasionally singing and performing. Those many days of music at home and music in school was the start of a career that has been blossoming ever since.

Her first EP, “No Regrets” (dropped December 15, 2012) speaks to her journey and the journey of so many of us as we seek to find our place in the world. ‘No Regrets’, her title track, was the most liked and played song on Soundcloud. Her second EP “Freedom” (dropped August 16, 2014) took listeners to a new level of awareness as she speaks to what it means to be truly free in a world where freedom is rare. ‘Working On Me’ was the most liked and played track on Soundcloud from her “Freedom” EP. Her more recent single “Money & Love,” was released March 25, 2016, and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Tidal and more.

She completed her bachelor’s July of 2016 in Music Business and her masters August of 2017 in Entertainment Business and is currently working on her second masters in Information Technology. On top of that she’s a talented hairstylist with over 18 years of specializing in braiding. She currently resides in Florida and is also working on her debut album with her husband and business partner Quamaine Sturgis.